Tips How To Make A Great Delicious Cake

Once you try this home made cake recipe, you would simply think that ovens are so overrated. I’m not saying that ovens are not needed at all, just that to make and enjoy a simple cake at home, you wouldn’t need an oven. There are so many instances that one would just crave a spongy, soft, simple piece of cake, but wouldn’t be https://ramchandrasahai.com/ able to eat one simply because they lack an oven. Now, with this homemade cake recipe, just throw that worry out of the window and start treating yourself to these simple pleasures of life.

Basic home made cake recipe

This method of baking can be used for many such similar dishes like chocolate cake, fruit cake and even a savory like handvo. In fact, the traditional handvo vessel is an aluminum container that comes with a base to heat sand. For many years, we have use this method to make a cake at home. It would be a unique doughnut (donut) shaped cake with a hole in the middle.

While baking with pressure cooker, you just need to keep in mind a few points and you are all set to master the most simplest of baking recipes.

  • Ensure you use a heavy bottomed cooker or pressure pan made of aluminium/hindalium. They are ideal for conducting the high heat. Steel may not be effective.
  • Spread salt or sand at the base of the cooker to amplify the conduction of heat. The cake vessel should not directly come in contact with this.
  • Do not use water as we are creating a tandoor type environment.
  • Remove the gasket and weight from the lid.
  • Avoid washing or rinsing or adding any other liquid/material to the cooker after baking. Let it cool down naturally before attempting to clean it.

Baking is not new in Indian cuisine. Tandoori food that is made using a tandoor (a style of baking) has been around for centuries. So, without much ado, let’s just go ahead and bake a simple, delicious and easy home made cake ideal for any occasion that can also be used as a base for making other cake varieties. Learn how to make cake at home in a pressure cooker as the method given below uses a pressure cooker/pan and you do not need a microwave oven to make a cake.

Can I make the Home Made Cake without eggs?

You can make an eggless version of the Home Made Cake using suitable egg substitutes. Instead of eggs, you can use ingredients like yoghurt, applesauce, mashed bananas, or silken tofu as replacements. These substitutes help provide moisture and binding properties similar to eggs. When using yoghurt or applesauce, use 1/4 cup for each egg. For mashed bananas or silken tofu, use 1/2 cup for each egg. Experiment with these alternatives to find the perfect eggless version of the Home Made Cake that suits your preferences. Remember that the texture and taste may vary slightly, but the cake will still be enjoyable.

Can I make this cake in an oven instead of a pressure cooker?

You can bake the Home Made Cake in an oven instead of a pressure cooker. Preheat your oven to the recommended temperature mentioned in the recipe. Grease the cake tin with butter or oil and sprinkle some flour to prevent sticking. Pour the prepared cake batter into the container and place it in the oven. Bake for the specified time or until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes clean. Each oven may have slight temperature variations, so keep an eye on the cake and adjust the baking time if needed. Baking the Home Made Cake in an oven allows for even heat distribution and consistent results. Follow the recipe instructions and enjoy a delicious homemade cake baked to perfection.

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