Nine Ways To Reinvent Your Camera Sling Bag

Others – There are several other designs like the envelope style slings & handbags, the printed designs with bright colours, the fashionable ones that look like satchels, the velvet bags and the clutch type sling bags. Most of the slings in this round-up are capable of carrying a full-frame DSLR body and at least two small lenses, which should give you an idea of the size you’ll be working with. Though a camera sling bag is meant to carry just the essentials, most have room for a tablet, or possibly a small laptop. If you’re looking for a smart, durable, and lightweight sling backpack for a unisex traveler that doesn’t need to carry too much gear, the Outdoor Master sling backpack is an excellent place to start. Looking to purchase a sling backpack for your upcoming travels, but aren’t quite ready to commit? This is where the ‘leather chest sling bag’ in the name comes from because you, quite literally, sling these bags over one shoulder. However, if you want to choose one for yourself, this article features a compiled list of the best camera bags & cases for you and your needs. After extensively scouring the market, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the latest and greatest sling bags on the market, making our selections based on a combination of materials, organizational amenities, and style.

Sling purses combine the width and backpack-like strap with the often more rectangular body of a purse. Should I add more along the bottom edge? The main compartment opening is more of a slot than a flap and doesn’t afford the most unobstructed access. With Travelon’s five-point anti-theft system, you first get a lockdown zipper for the main compartment. Does it have any anti-theft features? The best camera bag is Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II due to it’s loading capacity and modular design, but have a look at what suits your needs in our buying guide below. Here’s a camera sling bag that shouldn’t break the bank, or your back, as it weighs in at a featherweight 482g. This is in part due to the bag’s fairly small size, but there’s enough depth to house an ungripped full-frame DSLR with attached 24-70mm, plus another mid-sized lens and a flashgun alongside. It weighs only 0.7 lbs, so it is lightweight to carry.

Finally, there are no side pouches or mounting points to carry a bottle or tripod. Finally, choose a style and design that matches your personal preferences and security features like secure closures and anti-theft measures for peace of mind. Are sling bags still in style? Excellent for finding a great balance between function and style in your travel attire. If you want a bag that’s lightweight, stylish, and great to grab and go for the busy traveler, you’re in for a treat with this pick. You get to pick from seven colors altogether. Secondly, you get a lockdown strap, which will stop thieves from unclipping your bag and making a dash for it. Figure out what you’re going to be carrying most days and plan your bag accordingly. Going to market with your friends or while exploring places just pair a shirt dress with flats and you are ready. They are the perfect accessory for smokers who want to keep their cigarettes safe and protected while on the go. The best camera bags and cases will protect your camera and accessories from knocks, bumps, and unpredictable weather while you’re moving around and keeps your camera kit organized and close to you.

You can’t have it all at such a low price, and the Jazz’s outer materials feel scratchy and less finessed than more expensive rival bags. Additional pockets above can hold more lenses or a flash. At the side of the bag, there’s a hidden ‘pouch’ that can be expanded to hold the foot of a tripod or monopod, with the straps above it securing the rest of the bulk. That way, the sling isn’t bogged down by over-specced straps as far as design and weight are concerned. Some sling straps rest on your right shoulder, and some the left. As mentioned at the top of the article, a sling backpack fills that gap between needing a bag to carry a handful of items and also wanting something lightweight that’s easier to carry. Its minimalist design is well organized, so you get two similar main compartments for even larger items such as an iPad. All-in-all, you have two zippered main compartments, either side of the center, and two external compartments to hold smaller items, such as cards and a smartphone. Sling backpacks are only large enough to carry a small number of items, and often no electronic devices larger than 9.7″ at most.

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