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Some people prefer the easy access of a snap, some prefer the security of a zipper – it’s a personal preference. Access to your gear is very easy as you can just slide the bag from the back to the front. 2. If you’re in a crowded area, consider wearing the bag in front of your body for added security. I didn’t have a lot of room in the book to add inside pockets (I was already hogging too many pages), so today I am going to tell you how I added a slip pocket for my cell phone, and put in a zipper opening. So if you do want to add pockets of any kind, before you put your lining together is the perfect time. I didn’t want it too low, so I found the perfect spot – centred left & right – and pinned it in place. Pleated dress that looked so perfect on you when you were in your 30s Pleated dress look extremely feminine.

Here is a look with the zipper closed (see below). See How CDs Work for more information. You can wear a kaftan frock or if you are going to attend a high-end party then a blue zari work stone and crystal embedded georgette kaftan can make you feel more gorgeous and beautiful inside out. Top with the pico de gallo and then salsa if you like. It might never actually get seen, because I like to tuck my “tail” of my zipper into the bag, rather than have it all hanging out, but at least I know it’s there and I’m not going commando… When you carry a sling bag, your hands are free and your bag is close to your body, which is a big plus. You can jump down to the end after you are done and see how to link up your awesome bag, or read along here to see all about this zipper opening business!

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You can see the dark basting threads on the zipper in the photo below. You can press and topstitch the other lining top now. I like to press the seam allowance towards the top in this case, and topstitch next to the zipper because it makes the zipper lay nicer than if the seam allowances are pressed to the bottom of the bag. You can now open it up and press the fabric away from the zipper. I measured 1 3/4″ past the edge of the bag and cut it off there. The reason that it isn’t flush with the bag is because you will need room to sew on a fabric tab or end onto the zipper. If you have used a 12″ zipper and are happy with the metal stop on the end, that’s okay too, but I trimmed mine off. At this point I remembered my metal zipper ends… As mentioned earlier, the shoulder strap is very broad and well-padded and tapers down to an attachment point at the base of the bag. This is important, because this is the STOP point that you will use in a couple of steps below. I will mention that I did place the pocket and my phone onto the bag while pinning it in place so that I could make sure that the top of my phone was well below the lining top and didn’t stick up past into the area where the zipper will be.

Take your zipper, and fold back the tails on the open end at about a 45 degree angle and baste them in place. This way, you will still be able to pull the zipper away and out of the seam when you reach the end. When get to the last pin, you should reverse a couple of stitches, then reach between the layers and grab the zipper. I pinch the top of the bag like shown in the photo below, and then pull it closed, and pinch the other side to open. Pull the zipper away and out of the seam at about a 45 degree angle, so that it’s not making things pull out of shape, but stays well out of the seam allowance. I have used my Airport genuine leather sling bags online on several trips and it did work well for me. However, with busy work schedules, it is sometimes difficult to go shopping. Links from your blog, your Instagram or even facebook will work. If you don’t have Instagram or a blog, you can link up a facebook photo right from our On the Go Bags Facebook group!

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